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canon is weeping ‘cause i still take selcas with my shitty old camera.
Was at my all time favorite band, Turmion Kätilöt, gig last night. Fucking awesome!  ,„/

Thank you everyone who sent your messages before, at this time of sorrow I embrace them

Few weeks ago I told you about my sick cat

Today he passed away, being only 13 years old. He had a heart failure and problems with his mouth and lungs, all sudden, after he had lived healthy life.

Tears now soak my face, but at same time I’m relieved he has not to feel pain anymore. As cheesy as it sounds, I wonder, maybe he is somewhere in the stars now with our past pets.


every other artist is doing like these art summary of 2012 memes

And I’m like

bitch how do you draw something every month?!

I am so fucking sad right now.

One of my two cats has been really under weather some days. He was not eating, just drinking water and sleeping more than usual. Today was the first day me and mom could bring him to vet (because of the holidays).

He was diagnosed with heart failure.

As I read about it, I got this horrifying feeling in my gut.
It can’t be cured. Usually cats with heart failure have days to months left after diagnosis

My only wishes now are that he has a peaceful and painless life for what he has left. And we might have to prepare for hard decisions..

And I wish that at least someone was there with him if he passes on his own, so his last memory could be that our family always cares for every it’s member.

It sucks being an adult and realizing everyone you grew up loving dies.

And be free to think I’m a crazy cat lady or something. That might be true. But for me cats are just not pets, but family members. They are never just cats. When Manta died, some people around me were like “geez, just get over it” which made me furious.. 

my workplace send me christmas present

it’s dvd collection of our commercials

geee thanks I like it when I get home after long day at work and I can just sit down and watch our commercials

been’ playing Sengoku Basara 3 for few day and all I can say is…


I haven’t played in a while because of the humongous amount of THE FEELS..

I totes need to make new background and logo

maybe I work with them tomorrow.

Here, let’s enjoy my week schedule:

Monday: 13.00 Driving lessons
Tuesday: 14.00 Driving lessons
Wednesday: 15.30-21.15 Work
Thursday: 12.00 Important meeting with a teacher
Friday: 14.30-21.15 Work
Saturday: 07.30-13.00 Work 
Sunday: free but not useful 

FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!! When can I go shopping?! I fucking hope that I have time to go on thursday 
Also why am I so busy before Halloween? I want to buy pumpkins and have parties ;_;

Oven murderer’s house

Hi guys, I’m back and alive.. At least for now. Now, some commentary from horror & mystery loving adventurer!  ~

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Haunted houses

Me and my friend are going to see one of the Finnish haunted houses today. It’s house where oven murder happened. The old baking oven, where woman’s corpse was found, is still there and it’s said you can still see her figure in the clay..
House has been abandoned for many many years and is deep in the woods and no road takes there so we have to leave car and navigate ourselves to the house… I’m so creeped (and excited) already :3

//EDIT: If we survive alive, I promise to show pics!

hyi saatana ajotunnit :C